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W. Hock Hochheim, award winning author and military and police defense trainer, started writing, directing and producing videos. His book plots draw extensively on his knowledge of dark characters he knew growing up in the New York City Metro area as well as his 26 years of military and police experience - first as an MP patrolman and investigator in the USA and South Korea, then as a police officer and detective in Texas, and an additional 4 years as a licensed private eye and bodyguard.

    This experience combined with more than 22 years of international travel to 13 allied countries as far from the USA as Australia and China to teach fighting tactics and strategies, makes Hock's unique knowledge about people, places and character unsurpassed in the world of fiction. Hock writes about a world he knows - and it shows.

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The Johann Gunther Western Series

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(Sorry, Great Escapes of Pancho Villa is out print for decades)


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