1984 is Back in Style, But Stalin Ain't Big Brother Anymore!

     I think it's pretty interesting that George Orwell's 1984 is back on the bestselling lists. Ironic actually. And the irony is not lost on an old-timer me. You see, I had to read it in the 1960s as a school requirement, and the date of 1984 loomed far ahead of us. Far, yet it loomed.

    The London Daily Mail writes, “1984 was published in London on Wednesday, June 8, 1949, and in New York five days later. The world was eager for it. Within 12 months, it had sold around 50,000 hardbacks in the UK; in the U.S. sales were more than one-third of a million. It became a phenomenon. Sixty years later, no one can say how many millions of copies are in print, both in legitimate editions and other versions. It has been adapted for radio, stage, television and cinema, has been studied, copied and parodied and, above all, ransacked for its ideas and images. Orwell himself said, “Clearly, much of 1984 is a satire on Stalinism, from the physical description of Big Brother's face ('black-haired, black-moustachio'd, full of power and mysterious calm')”

     Variety reports that the new big London hit play, 1984 will grace New York’s Broadway in the summer of 2017. Should “the People” be thanking Mr. Big Brother hisself Donald Trump for all this? You evil bastard, demigod, Adolf! Is it all the Donald’s fault?

     1984. Yup, it's 2017 and it’s back stronger than ever! And a bit twisted. It seems it’s no longer about Stalin and communism, but rather also used as a tool of modern socialists to condemn their opposite…modern USA and evil capitalism. Its been used against Nixon and Bush too (see below).

     Yes, it’s back today because the so-called "resistance-liberals" and you might say "Bernie Sanderettes” have elevated it. You know Bernie and the Sanderettes? The people who think "2 tax dollars plus two tax dollars equal 5 tax dollars" and massive taxes cure ALL problems? Except everyday life and commerce of course, but let’s not get too real here.

     A new movement has channeled 1984, twisted its original message into a Hitler-easque, Trump dystopia. (Even Hitler fought Stalin, a fact perhaps new, young, skinny-jeaned, muscle-free, bearded kids and vagina-hatted girls never learned in their schools? Or, more precisely were never taught abilities to connect the dots and create common sense and logic.)

     “Get ready to party like it’s 1984.” A reviewer recently said about the book and the times. according to the…New York Times.
     "You better read 1984! See the play! It’s where the republicans will take us!” is the subtle message in the revival.

     Why 1984? “It’s a frame of reference that people can reach for in response to government deception, propaganda, the misuse of language, and those are things that occur all the time,” said Alex Woloch, an English professor at Stanford University who has written about the roots of Orwell’s political language. Please not the phrase – “all things that occur all the time.”

     I personally think that the ineffectual republicans are not taking us to Nazi-ism or Big Brother-ism or anywhere for that matter. Have you seen these wimps the last 12 years? Or perhaps the revived message and fears are just against Trump and all “his white, stupid, racist people?” But have you heard the recent speeches for the 2017 Democratic Party leadership positions? One candidate Boynton Brown said “…and my job is to shut other white people down.” Yup, but I digress. All that twisted crap is another essay.

     Orwell kicked off the terms ‘double-think’ and ‘news-peak.’ Orwell did not invent ‘double-speak,’ a combo of the two, which is automatically connected to him through time. Double-speak is saying one thing and meaning another, usually its opposite.”

     Opposites in government. We joke in ‘Merica” that the title of many laws passed here, actually produce the opposite of the title. While people pick apart the syllables and prepositional phrases from the verbose, disjointed, motor-mouth Trump conversations with the public, desperate to find any possible fault/contradiction, maybe they need to look at the trick title - “Affordable Care Act” for real ass-end, opposite-ness with a GIANT effect. You know, that giant viral cancer-law whose tendrils have so quickly, so deeply wrapped and sucked into numerous, American institutions (and tax programs), to the point of slow economic death. It is actually, truly the “Unaffordable Care Act.”

     This is perhaps the most crippling example of double-speak, created by Democrats, that Trump will never out-trump in his fast-talking jargon. It is unlikely that Kelly Anne Conway’s term “alternate set of facts” over Trump crowd-sized will ever top the trick title and results of “Affordable/Unaffordable Care.”

     Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times took exaggerated use of Conway’s remarks, bolstering the 1984 concept -

     "It was a phrase chillingly reminiscent, for many readers, of the Ministry of Truth’s efforts in “1984” at “reality control.”

     That’s scary. But, dear Michiko, seriously, Conway was talking about the size of crowds, not something important like national health-care. But Kakutnai used this crowd-trivia to inspire this NYT article title called – Why ‘1984’ Is a 2017 Must-Read and connect to and for the world, 1984, because you know, Trump is Hitler and Stalin and...and, Darth Vader.

     Oh so chilling, isn’t it? Michiko, you scared me to death with your earth-shattering connection with Conway. Folks, if you don’t see this as a liberal, propaganda S-T-R-E-T-C-H. you’ve lost your ability to reason, free of bias. Michiko also mentions that Nixon was accused of Big brotherism. Then there’s Bush for the Patriot Act. Not Clinton? Not Obama? So, is this 1984 schtick/charade just something Democrats do to Republicans and young people fall for it? Thee...classic...playbook out and dusted off.

     Anyway, I was re-introduced to 1984 decades later in the 2000s, thanks to Christopher Hitchens who fairly well, worshiped Orwell and all his writings, mentioning him frequently in numerous articles and speeches. Hitchen’s body of work is far more than the atheism he is condemned for, and so too was George Orwell’s writing career more than an anti-communist 1984.

     I would also like to call your attention to the below links, which documents the general rise of dystopian world entertainment, above and well beyond manipulative, propaganda politics. It is actually depressing. It appears that young people like to be depressed about it and there are studies and discussions that they also have a dimmer hope for the future, anticipating a "Mad Max" world? A "Hunger Games" world? A "Walking Dead" world? I don’t know. What do you think?

     Depressed? In a recent CNN town hall with Nancy Pelosi. A young dude asked the open-mike question, "surveys show that 51% of the younger generation do not believe in capitalism, what will the Democratic Party do to conform?” A Bernie Sanderette?
What study was this, Mr. Sanderette? Pelosi sort of dodged the question, not wanting to lose that voting block, I imagine? (Obama-Care is really Pelosi-Care if you know your reality-history.)

     Bells go off in my head when I hear the term "slippery slope," because I don't think all slopes are quite that slippery as claimed, but I do think a socialist, Sanderette-world is a step closer to big brother government and an eventual 1984-world, than what capitalism and the US Constitution re-enforces. Geez people. CONNECT THE DOTS!

What would Orwell think about it all today, I wonder? Would he think that the Affordable Care Act was pure double-speak? Would the evil princess Kelly Anne Conway be “Big Sisterhood?” Orwell also wrote Animal Farm, another old school reading requirement. Will it too be twisted around into a socialistic cause for the Bernie Sanderettes? 

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