Being Free Like Tarzan

TZ     No one in this or any country is completely free. I mean free like the uneducated airheads chant about. I mean free like Tarzan. Tarzan-free. All governments are a hair-splitting act of regulations and rules all existing on one big continuum from a hippy commune on one end, to a fascist dictatorship on the other. Either Abby Hoffman or Adolf Hitler. An evolution of give-and-take. A crafted presentation of advertising and psychology. And geography and ignorance is on their side. Many people won't leave their homes or local homeland, even under dire and deadly pressure. Many people on the planet never travel more than 100 miles from their homes--ever.

     If you love and/or believe in your country then be prepared to articulate why. The US of A was founded on an intellectual metamorphosis. It has to be examined regularly, as such, by educated people to retain it's principles. I think we are running out of that kind of people.

Even Tarzan was Tarzan by choice. He left Africa, lived in England, didn't like it and decided to go back to Africa. If he had just stayed in the Congo, he would not have had to make a choice. He is Tarzan by choice, by metamorphosis. Not by accident. This makes the educated Tarzan more interesting than just being the first person raised by apes, chest-thumping and swinging around in the jungle on a vine. A man of karma and distinction. Tarzan. Tarzan…by choice. -- Hock Hochheim


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