The Last of Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes?

First off, why didn’t the world of Facebook tell me the new Sherlock season was starting! I discovered it by a channel surfing accident three weekends ago. And you call me a friend?

     The usual 3 episode count. It’s a wonder they can get these two guys to do a “little” TV series, as super busy as they are. But the responsibility of being beloved worldwide is burdensome (240 markets) and they are an iconic, FABULOUS Holmes and Watson. How can you not return for an occasional 3-bee? This says a lot from me - someone who has begrudgingly watched each new Holmes since Basil Rathbone, then wound up satisfied with most versions. I seem to be mesmerized by the Cumberbatch version, as I was the Britt version.

     This new “season,” the  3 storylines were terrible. Must Mary be a super-spy assassin? The last whacky episode was like a Batman movie with Sherlock and Watson magically dropping on the top of a ship top in a storm, and a magic sister controlling such a large team of criminals via…her sheer brain power(?)  as to coordinate death, destruction and manipulations. Just ridiculous. The plots in all three episodes were BAD!  (Episode 2 had a great serial killer though. 2 was the best of the 3. Okay, I am fudging a bit as I think about it.)

     Still, still, still, the writer/creators (Mycroft is one of them) gave us just enough Sherlock/Watson/Hudson/Mycroft/Molly/bad-guy moments to stay engaged. What screen presence they all have! But they keep pushing the plot limits and pushing, and pushing year after year until these absurdities. Writers! You not have to push that hard. We don’t need to turn Sherlock into a camp, Roger Moore genre of James Bond! Stop it! Don’t turn him into Doctor Who, for God’s sake.

     Then the last few minutes of the last episode, though. Tied something together through in a brilliant piece of narrative and a college of film clips - 

“The Junkie who gets high solving crimes and the doctor who never came home from the war,”

- what a consummate, poetic, line. This finale piece suggests a future return to stability? Or the end of the show? If there are other seasons, will they just solve some damn crimes? Minus the unreal absurdities? Or instead did the narrative suggest, signal the departure and the end? – the timelessness of Holmes and Watson AND the total end of the Cumberbatch series?  

     Growing up with Rathbone and reading the stories, and addicted to the Jeremy Britt series version, Sherlock is an amazing piece of nostalgia for me and many of us. I hope Mrs. Hudson’s boys will return in another year or two, with everyone’s feet closer to the cobblestones.


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