Gunther Rides Again! In "Last of the Gunmen"

Johann Gunther is back, and yes by popular demand, in Last of the Gunman.

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     Its 1908. The United States is floundering deep in the struggle to recover from the financial Panic of 1907 and the San Francisco earthquake. Then someone murders a philanthropist tycoon on the streets of Fort Worth. A flamboyant police detective stands accused of the crime. While he languishes in jail, a gang of killers murder his beautiful, exotic wife in a daring daylight robbery. In the process, they also kill a former Louisiana judge who gets in their way. The killers? Members of a minor league baseball team who commit an assortment of sadistic crimes across the country while on tour with their team.  Meet the first criminal biker gang and Texas Ranger Chester Winch, the mastermind behind their deadly killing and robbery sprees. Combine the gang’s thirst for money with an independent and sinister plot by robber barons to alter the American and world economies with secret injections of money, and you have a ticking time bomb of crimes waiting to explode. What happens when the most modern and organized criminals of the day go after the largest pocket of secret money in the world? Who can the Texas governor call for help? Who does the accused police detective call for from his jail cell? Johann Gunther of Remedies Detective Agency.

     Yes, Gunther is back from his death-defying adventure in Afghanistan, as chronicled in My Gun is My Passport with a new and different, but no less dangerous, case. Now, with his partner Jefe, and some critical help from the legendary Bat Masterson, Gunther faces brutal violence and vicious death right in his home town of Fort Worth and on the flat lands of West Texas in a climatic firefight to rival that at the O.K. Corral.

     In a new 20th Century world of cars, guns, motorcycles, baseball, hit men, corruption, global economies and organized crime, who are the last of the gunmen? And what will it take to stop their crime wave and bloody reign of terror? Johann Gunther aims to find out, and he aims and shoots to kill.

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