Blood Rust - Death of the China Doll

BLOOD RUST - Death of the China Doll
by W. Hock Hochheim

Cover of Blood Rust - Death of the China Doll

Blood Rust - Death of the China Doll


"Once an NYPD detective, Rusty was a rising rock star in the Organized Crimes Unit. Then, mob members and corrupt cops calling themselves the "Five Apes" lure Rusty to Grant’s Tomb and shoot him in the head. The detective in Rusty dies. The meat-puppet Rusty is all that remains, now a brain damaged, paranoid, criminal. Like a psychopath, he terrorizes the streets of Newark, N.J., selling drugs, robbing and even murdering.

Years later, Alphonso “The Crepe hanger,” one of the hit men who first lured Rusty to Grant’s Tomb, reveals to him that the once sensational China Doll murder case Rusty solved was really an elaborate con, a set-up executed by the Mob in an international drug smuggling conspiracy. Soon the State where the China Doll's body was dug up will execute a Steverino Downing, the innocent man convicted for the killing he didn’t commit. Alphonso reveals that the hit on Rusty was the Mob’s way of clearing up...loose ends.

This news ignites something deep in Rusty’s exploded brain. He must find a way to free Downing. His obsession leads him to the Freedom Science Foundation, a group run by the internationally renowned lawyer Dr. Sad Prevell and her assistant Peter - a former S.A.S. South African commando. Both cut their teeth on such cases during African Apartheid. With their help, Rusty’s quest will take him from New York to the shipyards of South Africa and Shanghai.

Can Rusty nail the pieces of his shattered mind back together? Can he beat the Mafia, corrupt "Five Apes" cops, a Chinese Triad and even Somalia pirates in time to save Downing’s life, and still somehow redeem his own?



"Hock Hochheim’s Blood Rust is a fast paced action packed thriller that will not leave you wanting. This book is incredibly well written. I write that with all sincerity. I write that because it takes a special writer, a good writer, to be able to capture the nuances of a character’s actions, vocabulary, personality, and presence, and make that character believable and real. Rusty is real. I hated him, and then I loved him. Rusty is the detective that had been shot in the head, and then went on to solve a crime that played a part in his getting shot. How did all of that happen you may ask? Well, you have to read it to find out. You will shortly discover some of the best action adventure ever written. You won’t want to put this book down, and you will also find that emotions raging from hate and angst to envy and joy will float through your skull like melted marshmallows at the end of a stick, dripping into the fire. Blood Rust is a must have for any action and adventure junky who loves a quick roll in the bloody guts of hard crime. Hock has a winner on his hands with this one. The writing itself does much to link you strongly to the characters. The language, the flow, the method, the comedy, and the interesting writing techniques employed make this one of the most gripping, fast paced action stories ever told. I want more Detective Rusty. MORE I say." - Gerald Barnett, France


"Author Hock Hochheim has superbly crafted a hard-boiled 'take-no-prisoners' style action/adventure novel that immediately grips the readers total attention and doesn't let go until the end. Entertaining, riveting, original and the kind of novel that lingers in the mind long after it's finished and set back on the shelf. 'Blood Rust' is highly recommended reading." - James Cox, The Midwest Book Review

"My brother just read Hock's new book and thoroughly enjoyed it. His enthusiasm couldn't be beat. He said Hock is a kick, and the book is a real thriller. He loves everything Hock writes and always asks when the next book will be ready? He is one satisfied customer! He was laughing and talking about it so much that I'm going to read it. Thanks Hock for making my brother so happy!" - Mary Ann Sosebee, TX

"Meet Rusty, a former, hot-shot, NYPD Detective who was on the fast track and destined for great things…until he was set up by the Mob and shot in the gut and the head. Now , he is a shadow of his former self and living on the outside of the law. His would-be assassins had left him for dead…and for the most part, Rusty would agree they had been successful. As Fate would have it, this is NOT the end of the story! An unexpected encounter with one of the thugs hired to kill him rekindles his damaged brain matter spurring him into action when he is told a man he put away for the murder of the “China Doll” is actually innocent and will be executed in the very near future.Stand by for heavy rolls! Told from Rusty’s perspective, a crazy, roller coaster ride of events unfold (including a battle with pirates at sea!) that is just begging to be the next great action series on cable TV! *Insert Jim Croce’s “Roller Derby Queen” here for the entrance of Dirty Paws* - “A white woman strutted up to us. She was in her late 40s, stocky leaning toward overweight, with thinning long hair that was sprayed back and up in the air like Bed-Head met Mad Max, ridiculous tattoos by the way, work clothes with torn-off sleeves, a gold tooth, and she just looked like she stunk worse than the gunky water swirling around the dock posts outside.” Dirty Paws is just one of the many supporting characters that lend flavor to all the mayhem in Blood Rust. If you like to have FUN while you’re reading, I highly recommend this one!" - David Kerwood, MS

“I finished the book Blood Rust. Man it was a great story. It was exciting, fun and easy to read. Are Detective Rusty, Peter, Dr. Sad coming back in Blood Rust 2? Hollywood movie? Yes? Please?” - Stefan M. Mattsson, Helsinki, Finland

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