Don't Even Think About It!

Memories and Confessions of a Former Military and Texas Lawman, Private Investigator and Bodyguard

 Whether he’s hot on the trail of a killer who carves off his victim’s faces, or putting together the pieces of a case to bring a local college professor’s killer to justice, Hock Hochheim is relentless as he investigates a plethora of criminals, tracks them down and arrests them.

In Don’t Even Think About It, Hock shares the details of his life investigating crime. He tells how he "escaped" New York City on a motorcycle headed west, planning to catch a freighter to Australia. But he ends up instead in Texas dodging bullets and tracking down criminals, first as a security guard, then in Asia working for Uncle Sam as a military policeman and investigator. Hock also explains how he parlayed military service in law enforcement into Texas police patrol and  police investigations, private eye and bodyguard career that spans nearly three decades. Don’t Even Think About It educates, while it entertains, and leaves the reader turning pages well into the night. Along the way Hock reveals the thrills, spills and mysteries as well as the missteps, he encountered serving in law enforcement both in the U.S. and abroad.

For anyone considering a career in law enforcement, or for readers interested in real crime stories, Don’t Even Think About It is a MUST READ. It will leave any reader hungry for more.

     "There have been many Texas detectives before me, many while I was one, and many after me. These are only my stories. How I became one, what happened while I was one, and what I did after. When you see a patrol officer or a detective in Texas or anywhere, I hope my stories help you understand their lives in a better way." - Dead Right There

     “There are some great tales in these, and you’ll regret missing them if you don’t read this book! Great irony. Great history. Great humor. Great tragedy. Great people. Lots of action. And the opposite of good. Crime. Lost love. Lost faith. Death. Murder. Worst people you’ll ever meet. Serial killers. Robbers. Con men. Scumbags. Cheats and scoundrels. I’ve known them all. You’ll find them all here. "

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305 pages


"...It's a real treat to read some 'insider stories' from such an experienced author. Besides the great detail, Mr Hochheim is a gifted writer and story teller. I've already had two laugh-out-loud moments. He writes simply with wit and charm and some of his lines are even quotable. This is a very entertaining book from a person who deserves to be read. So run, do not walk and buy this book. You won't be disappointed and I guarantee you will learn something..." - Badger Johnson, USA

     "This book is filled to the max with gripping, fast pace true cop stories about Hock Hochheim and how he chased down criminals and arrested them during his long military and law enforcement career. "This is an up close and personal look at Hock's on the job training ground-back when there was no SWAT, no backup, and often it came down to just him and the bad guy or guys! Some of the experiences are funny, some will make you cry and some will raise the hair on the back of your neck and keep you up at night! Few know Hock the way he reveals himself in this book. There is no pontificating here, Hock is a down to earth guy who has led an extra ordinary life. Right out of the gate, this book is action packed, and filled with adventures of every kind that I'll never, ever forget. Truth is stranger than fiction, and often far more exciting as this book will demonstrate." - Jerry Trone, Germany

   “It was a long wait, but finally, Hock Hochheim’s latest book is out.  Hock is a writer who chases down murderin’ no good dirtbag scalawags, and writes to tell about it.  “Don’t Even Think About It” is his latest book, and it’s a keeper.  If you want to know what is going through a detective’s head while he hunts down murderin’ no good punks, this is the read for you.  It’s funny, enlightening, and entertaining.  What is more interesting, is that Hock tells stories in a great writing style, where you want to read more and more.  At the end of the book, you are hoping to read that there is another one on the way.  One of my favorite stories in the book is when he is hunting down a armed robber in a lumber yard with several other Texas law men, and it happens to be Hock that stumbles upon the bad guy, hiding out in a storage shed.  The simple truth of it is that that could have been his last mission, but it wasn’t.  You have to get the book to see how he managed to live through that incident.  Hock tells of a time that most of still do remember, when cops hunted down and arrested robbers, and kids didn’t wear safety helmets when riding their bikes.  Oh what a time.  Reading about Hock’s adventures in Korea, and Texas brings back my own memories of times passed.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to read this book, and definitely don’t pass up an opportunity to see Hock in person, as he conducts seminars across the globe, teaching state of the art tactics and techniques for overcoming and avoiding criminal attacks." -  Gerald Barnett Bourgogne, France

   "Don’t Even Think About It, ISBN: 9781932113785, Lauric Press is an interesting collection of ruminative stories by Hock Hochheim...as author of instructive manuals and several instructional books as well as some fiction, he is well prepared to provide these stories from his more than thirty years as a former Military as well as Texas Lawman, Private Investigator and Bodyguard. The trove consists of forty-six self-contained recollections. They recount specific episodes and mistakes from early training experiences, oddities such as “The (amusing) Barefoot Policeman” and other ‘routine’ experiences along with occasions where demandingly intensive detective work was required. An interesting chapter provides a look at a detective’s personal life, and many have the intriguing feature of offering a comparative picture of Korean ‘Police Action’ era law enforcement to that of today’s ‘tightened’ rules. This is a book that individuals interested in ‘all things pertinent to interpersonal combat or even basic street survival’, and especially Hock’s followers, will enjoy. An additional advantage for dwellers in today’s hectic world is that, because each story is self-contained, it may be ‘picked up’ at any time to simply read just a few pages. 5 stars, especially for those interested in real life aspects of a police officer’s life." - John Ran, Book Reviews, USA

"Hock wrote a book about his experiences as a military, police and civilian law enforcement officer. I'm reading this one story at a time, you just sit down and turn a few pages and you get another glimpse into this world that most of us don't get to see, and don't tend to get the chance to know what the other side goes through. So many folks in my experience tend to say the word police, or security and then continue on like they just identified someone. Rarely do we get the chance to get it from the officers point of view, to really understand what the people following orders and standing on the front lines are thinking. I have had the great pleasure and benefit of spending a few days with this fine teacher, talking about martial arts, police and security work, good food and our favourite sci-fi shows. I like him. Solid guy, seems respectful all around. So for me, reading this biography (in small cuz i don't think he likes to call it that) gives me such a welcome insight. What's a guy thinking when someone is shooting at him, whats he thinking when he takes on that fight he shouldn't have. Whats does he do when a superior officer doesn't know what the hell is going on in a heated situation? Today I read; Chapter 27: This illegal immigrant thing. I just wanted to say that I am thankful that someone like Hock, had these experiences and wrote about them. I learn a lot, it leaves me feeling grounded. It leaves me a little more understanding of big institutions, like the Police and how that is a totally different thing than individuals, like police officers." - Shawn Zirger, Toronto, Canada





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